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By far the most popular location to live is the Central West End. It a very nice neighborhood that populated primarily by young professionals and grad students (tons of doctors and med students as the hospital and med school are both right there). A lot of the buildings are newer, though they can be pricey (think just under $1,000/mo for a nice 1 BR).

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(2007). What heroin users tell us about overdose. Journal of Addictive Diseases, 26(4), p. Instead, the coordinators of each event decide who they want and then make an offer to the artist agent. Most large festivals simply do not repeat headliners (Lolla, Coachella, Spring Awakening, Bonnaroo, etc) and Electric Forest is the same. They simply said they would love to have me back in 2014, and this year they are having PL (whom they did not invite back last year).

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